The Nightblue3 vs Imaqtpie DRAMA - New Anti-Feeding system - Meteos drunk stream feeding & More!

The Nightblue3 vs Imaqtpie DRAMA, New Anti-Feeding system, Meteos drunk stream feeding, Keyori apologies video and Gnarsies response to it.
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All links in order of appearance:

1- New League of Legends Anti-Feeding System Reddit thread:

2- Keyori apologies video:
2- Gnarsies (Doctor Fio) response video:

3- Meteos drunk stream feeding 1st Reddit thread:
3- Meteos drunk stream feeding 2nd Reddit thread:
(both threads have videos)
3- Vvvortic Meteos cosplay video:

4- Nightblue3 twitter (he deleted a few tweets):
4- Nightblue3 almost two hours stream rant (you can watch from this timestamp):
4- Nightblue3 apologies video: (unlisted video)

4- Imaqtpie twitter: (they were matched in the same team)
4- Imaqtpie instagram & twitter response:
4- Saveme (Imaqtpie´s editor response):

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