Close doesn’t matter, winning is all that counts | MSI 2021- Rumble Stage Day 3 Tease

The stakes are clear and the record is set. After today we’ll have a very clear picture of what all teams need to do in order to make it out of the Rumble Stage at MSI. While RNG has had the perfect formula so far, all other teams are still figuring out what’s going to be their “Break Out factor”.

MAD Lions are strong as a team, but an individual mistake could be costly in the international stage. DWG KIA are still finding their step towards their Worlds 2020 synergy, Cloud9 are focused on their win condition to make it into semis and nothing else, PSG is catching up to its rivals and Pentanet.GG are here for the ride.

#MSI2021 Stages

Rumble Stage: May 14-18
Semifinals: May 21-22
Finals: May 23

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